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Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Erie (Pennsylvania, USA), Altoona, State College


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Area code 814 is a significant telephone area code within the North American Numbering Plan, serving regions in Pennsylvania. Geographic Coverage: Area code 814 covers the northwestern and central portions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It encompasses Erie, the largest city within its service area, along with 352 other towns and cities. This extensive coverage makes it a vital part of Pennsylvania's telecommunications infrastructure​​. Historical Significance: Established on January 1, 1947, area code 814 is one of the original North American area codes. It holds the distinction of having the largest numbering plan area (NPA) in Pennsylvania and is the only one of Pennsylvania's original four NPAs that still retains its original boundaries. This historical continuity underscores its longstanding role in the state's communication network​​​​. Time Zone and Overlay Code: Area code 814 is located in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone. Like most areas in the United States, it observes Daylight Saving Time, involving the adjustment of clocks forward in spring and backward in autumn to extend evening daylight during the warmer months. Additionally, area code 582 was implemented as an overlay for the same region in 2021, allowing for a larger pool of phone numbers within the same geographic area​​​​. In summary, area code 814 is essential for telecommunications in northwestern and central Pennsylvania, covering a wide range of cities and towns. Its establishment as one of the original area codes in 1947 and its large NPA highlight its importance. The area code's location in the Eastern Time Zone and its overlay with area code 582 are significant operational aspects.
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