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The only phone your business needs

Get customers to answer your calls 4x more!


An actual live screen of a Phone2 workspace with multiple phone numbers and users.

Make Branded Calls

Get customers to answer 4x more. No more ignored calls 

When calling your contact from Phone2, brand your outgoing calls with your company name and reason for calling

Natively display vital call information on your customer's incoming call screen. Watch your lead engagement rates go up by 4x!

Supported by ~300m smartphones in the USA, natively! 📱

Standard outgoing call. Answered 6% of the time.
Branded calls are anwered 32% of the time. This is how a branded call is natively displayed on iOS and Android.

6% answer rate

32% answer rate

Organize your numbers 🗃️

Instantly buy phone numbers for all your teammates, departments and regional offices: US & toll-free available!

Every number has it's own inbox and unique members assigned to it. Keep your conversations tidy and organized! 


"We have high turnover so Phone2 helps us to onboard new hires on our same number"

Trucking & Logistics Carrier

Marcel G.

Toggle between phone numbers, jump in and out of calls and communicate with your team in the same screen.

A single thread 🧵

Text messages, call logs, voicemails and call recordings all show up in a unified thread

No need to toggle between screens and apps to get the full picture. Just scroll alongside your team! 


"The shared communication history is a game changer. No more sticky notes or messages asking who followed up with who."


Saddle Mountain Supply

Unified Inbox. Show all texts, call history, voicemails under a single contact view.

Call & text from the same number 👥

What your team sees

On the right side of the chat, is your time

What your contact sees

Your contact just sees your messages as a normal chat from your Phone2 phone number.

Invite teammates to share a number

No more devices or training to get new teammates onto your business phone. Just invite them in a few clicks! 

An phone system for your entire team, without any hardware.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 11.50.00

The shared communication history between our team and clients is valuable. We can reference it at any time. 

Justin K.

Designer & Copywriter

Phone number for each office, team or any reason you like.
Invite a user to your Phone2 phone number via email.

Better contact management  📒

Build better relationships by taking notes about each customer, as a team!

With a shared contact book, it acts like a "mini-CRM" to keep track of the details that matter the most.


For my small practice, this is more that enough for my team to keep track of patient notes. 

Marath L.

Family Dentist

In your Phone2 contacts, your team can chat and take notes under each contact.

Setup In Seconds ⚙️

Buy multiple phone numbers in every area code in the USA and UK. Begin calling and texting immediately 🇺🇸 🇬🇧

No hardware. No headaches. Just beautiful software that can be used anywhere in the world.


In the events business, I need local numbers fast. Phone2 lets me buy them on the fly and use them immediately with my team.

Maria S.

Wedding Planner

Phone2 gives you phone numbers in every area code in the US, Canada and UK.

Connect to your tools 🔩

Sync call data & contacts. Calling is easier when you tie all the right data together.

Have smarter conversations by seamlessly integrating Phone2 with Salesforce and Hubspot

Google Contacts

available May 2023

Zendesk Integration
Google Workspace add-on
Intercom Integration
Slack Integration

available July 2023

Integration settings for Phone2

📊 Keep track of your teams' usage.
Get insights starting July 2023.

No more guesswork. Keep track of metrics for each member of your team. Make data-based decision on a granular level.

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