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Modern phone system for your team

Manage calls and texts with your entire team on a single platform. Share numbers, chat with colleagues and more. 


With of course,
all the bells and whistles of a business phone

Local & toll-free

Get a US, Canada
or toll-free number


Install and sync across your phone, desktop, tablet, etc


Send & receive
texts & photos


Visual voicemail.
Customize greeting.

Multiple Numbers

Get unlimited numbers for people, locations or teams


Unlimited calling to 
the US & Canada


Less is More

Get multiple numbers without the extra devices


"I have 6 numbers with Phone2, one for each office. It's a cost-saver since each employee doesn't need their own line. We all just share a few them, all of which I manage in the app."

Eric S.

Shipping Logistics Entrepreneur


All hands on deck


Invite your teammates to share a number

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 11.50.00

"I'm always adding freelancers to my agency. In Phone2, I quickly add them to my account and they start communicating with my clients immediately - while still going through my business number."

Justin K.

Designer & Copywriter

Build better customer relationships

Team collaboration with unified activity


"With Phone2, my team can respond more quickly to customers' questions. We save time by seeing each other's activity. No more sticky notes or messages asking who followed up with who. Our workflows are streamlined."


Marina S.

E-commerce Entrepreneur 

Use for all your businesses

Phone lines for all 
your workspaces

"I use Phone2 for my company. But a friend also invited me to do sales calls for her company. She simply added me to her Phone2 account. I'm able to work across multiple companies from a single app. It's organized my work life incredibly."

Marcel G.

Trucking & Logistics Carrier


Be local. Get a number in any area code

Add new phone numbers instantly

"At times, I have up to 10 phone numbers in Phone2, for each area code in which I'm selling. It gives my business a local feel, while keeping my personal number private.

Heidi S.

Designer & Copywriter


Scale your your team's efficiency 

Share an inbound number
with our whole team

Share an inbound number with your sales team. Cover all your sales leads with efficiency!

Use one number for your whole support team and resolve 

issues faster. Run your team remotely!

Get a local number in each market where you do business. See better results by having a local presence

Keep your personal numbers private.  Keep business separate, but without extra devices.

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