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Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Lancaster, York, Colonial Park, Camp Hill, Millersville, Waynesboro, Weigelstown, Middletown, Shippensburg, Rutherford, Annville, Paxtonia, Hummelstown, Manheim, East Petersburg


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Unemployment Rate:

The 223 area code, a notable component of Pennsylvania's telecommunications framework, was introduced to meet the increasing demand for phone numbers in the region. Introduction as an Overlay: The 223 area code was implemented as an overlay for the existing 717 area code in Pennsylvania. This overlay was introduced to ensure a continuous supply of telephone numbers in the region, as the 717 area code was nearing exhaustion. The implementation of the 223 overlay began on August 26, 2017, marking a significant expansion in the area's telecommunication capacity. Geographical Coverage: Covering a substantial part of South Central Pennsylvania, the 223 area code overlays the same region as the 717 area code. This includes important cities and towns like Harrisburg (the state capital), Lancaster, York, and Lebanon, as well as numerous smaller communities. The overlay spans a diverse mix of urban and rural areas, reflecting the varied landscape and demographic makeup of this part of Pennsylvania. Ten-Digit Dialing Implementation: With the introduction of the 223 overlay, ten-digit dialing became mandatory for all local calls within the geographical area covered by the 717 and 223 area codes. This change, effective from September 26, 2017, required callers to dial the area code followed by the seven-digit telephone number, even for local calls within the same area code. This shift to ten-digit dialing is a common feature in regions with overlay area codes and reflects the evolving nature of telephone numbering in response to increased demand. These key facts about the 223 area code demonstrate its critical role in augmenting Pennsylvania's telecommunication infrastructure. By providing new numbering resources and transitioning to ten-digit dialing, the 223 area code ensures that the region can continue to meet the growing needs of its residents and businesses.
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