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Biggest city:





Pacific (GMT -8)

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Major Cities:

Bakersfield, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Palmdale, Delano.


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 661 area code is an integral part of California's telecommunications network, serving a significant portion of the state and playing a crucial role in connecting its communities. Serving Central California: Introduced in 1999 as a split from the 805 area code, the 661 area code covers parts of central California. This includes key cities and regions like Bakersfield, Santa Clarita, and Palmdale. The 661 area code is essential for linking various communities within this region, facilitating communication across a landscape that includes both rapidly growing urban areas and agricultural lands. Region of Economic and Cultural Diversity: The area served by the 661 area code is known for its diverse economy, encompassing sectors like oil production in Bakersfield, aerospace in Palmdale, and entertainment in Santa Clarita. The region is also rich in agricultural productivity, contributing significantly to California's role as a major agricultural state. The 661 area code supports the high volume of communication required by these varied economic activities and communities. Adapting to Population Growth and Technological Changes: The introduction of the 661 area code was a response to the increasing demand for phone numbers in central California, particularly with the growth of urban centers like Bakersfield and Santa Clarita. This change reflects the region's adaptation to evolving communication needs and technological advancements, ensuring continued and efficient service for its residents and businesses. The 661 area code represents the dynamic and varied communities of central California, supporting a range of economic activities and playing a crucial role in the region's communication and connectivity.
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