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Calls being flagged as spam likely? How to remove it here.

Spam Likely Calls: Navigating the 'Spam Likely' Maze - A Guide to Understanding and Managing Robocalls

The Robocall Rampage

For Americans, robocalls have gone from a rare annoyance to a daily and expected nuisance. Imagine this: you're in the middle of dinner, your phone rings, and the caller ID flashes "Spam Likely". Sound familiar? You're not alone. In the first quarter of 2023, a staggering 281 million Americans were pestered by nuisance calls, with a whopping 46.8 billion robocalls placed nationwide in the same year.

Percentage of Americans Pestered by Spam Calls vs Not Pestered
Percentage of Americans Pestered by Spam Calls vs Not Pestered

The Guardians of the Phone Line

To shield us from this barrage, carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have stepped up. They've compiled databases brimming with suspicious numbers, ready to flag any that dare to disturb your peace. But it's not just a carrier's game – you play a part too. Report those pesky spam calls, and you'll help update these lists, making them even more robust.

Spam vs. Scam: What's Ringing Your Bell?

It's crucial to distinguish between spam calls—those legal yet irritating sales pitches—and scam calls—the ones with malicious intent, aiming for your money or personal info. While spam calls may disrupt your day, scam calls can disrupt your life.

Taking Control of Your Caller ID

Tired of the relentless ringing? There's good news. Most carriers offer the option to block calls marked as spam. Sure, there's a slight chance a legitimate number might get caught in the net, but it's a small price to pay for tranquility.

The Bottom Line

Robocalls are more than a nuisance; they're a financial hazard, with Americans losing billions to these scams. By understanding the tools at your disposal and using features provided by carriers, you can reclaim the quiet of your own home. Remember, in the fight against robocalls, knowledge is your best defense.

Navigating the "Spam Likely" Landscape for Businesses

The Business Challenge of Being Flagged

When business calls get the "Spam Likely" tag, the impact is immediate: your outreach hits a wall. Your voice in the market dims as contact rates plummet and potential leads stay just that—potential. It's a modern hurdle, especially for sectors like sales and collections, where phone interactions are pivotal.

The Business Challenge of Being Flagged

Understanding Carrier Criteria for Spam Flags

Carriers are the new gatekeepers, wielding algorithms as their swords against spam. They track your call patterns—frequency, duration, and volume. Step out of line with too many calls, too short calls, or incessant redialing, and you may get the spam stamp. Telephone operators determine if a number is likely spam based on several criteria:

  • User Reports: If individuals frequently mark a call as spam.

  • Call Patterns: Erratic or high call volumes.

  • Call Duration: Numerous short-lived calls.

  • Volume Spikes: Sudden increases in call activity.

  • Answer Rate: Many calls that end up in voicemail.

  • Redialing Frequency: Repeated calls to the same number in a short timeframe. (more details)

Preventing Flags from Customers

Your defense? Smart dialing. It's about quality, not quantity. Time your calls, pace your follow-ups, and respect the customer's space. Educate them on your call protocols and secure their consent. It's about striking a balance that keeps your number clear of the dreaded spam label.

The Solution

How can I remove the “spam likely” flag on my number?

Removing the "Spam Likely" or "Spam Risk" flag from your phone number can be challenging, as there is no formal process established by the FCC or carriers for unflagging. However, you can take several proactive steps:

Removing the "Scam Likely"

  1. Direct Engagement: Reach out to carriers directly to request flag removal.

  2. Local Presence Dialing: Implement Local Presence Dialing, which matches your outbound caller ID to the number you're calling, potentially increasing answer rates.

  3. Regular Checks: Check your numbers regularly for flags and replace them swiftly if needed.

  4. Ethical Practices: Maintain ethical calling practices to avoid triggering carrier spam filters.

  5. Spoofing Vigilance: Report any spoofing of your numbers.

  6. Number Rotation: Change your outbound numbers periodically to keep below spam thresholds. (more details)

To avoid spam likely, make sure your phone provider is signing calls via “STIR/SHAKEN”.

Understanding STIR/SHAKEN:

STIR/SHAKEN is a framework for authenticating caller IDs over IP networks, enhancing trust in caller identity and reducing fraudulent spoofed calls. It's essential for protecting against scams and restoring faith in phone communication.

The Risks of Providers Not Utilizing STIR/SHAKEN:

Providers not implementing STIR/SHAKEN may expose your number to risks, such as spoofing. Porting to a provider that uses STIR/SHAKEN is advisable to secure your number's integrity.

Contacting Phone Carriers Directly:

For a number wrongly flagged as spam, contacting carriers directly can help. Here's a list of 10 carriers where you can seek assistance or register your number:

  1. AT&T - Major telecom provider offering a variety of services including internet and phone.

  2. Bandwidth - A communications technology company that powers other companies with communications APIs.

  3. Comcast - A multinational media company providing cable television, broadband internet, and phone services.

  4. FirstOrion (T-Mobile) - FirstOrion powers T-Mobile's scam identification and blocking solutions.

  5. Frontier Communications - Provider of internet, TV, and phone services, primarily in rural areas and smaller communities.

  6. Hiya - A call performance management cloud platform, offering caller profile solutions.

  7. Lumen (CenturyLink) - A telecommunications company providing communications, network services, security, cloud solutions, voice, and managed services.

  8. Spectrum - A trade name of Charter Communications, used to market consumer cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services.

  9. Sprint (TNS) - Now part of T-Mobile, it was a network operator providing wireless services.

  10. T-Mobile - A wireless network operator offering wireless voice, messaging, and data services.

Additionally, consider registering your number with free caller registry services to prevent future flagging.

What are some tools to monitor my phone number’s health? Dotcom-Monitor offers tools to ensure your phone numbers are performing optimally:

  1. Phone Line Monitoring: Ensures calls are ringing and being answered in real-time.

  2. Toll-Free Number Tracking: Tracks toll-free number availability with detailed performance reports.

  3. IVR Testing: Verifies Interactive Voice Response systems are functioning correctly.

  4. Real-Time Availability Check: Monitors phone numbers in real-time with instant alerts for issues.

  5. Automated IVR Navigation: Tests IVR systems to ensure accurate response pathways.

  6. Universal Monitoring: Checks any phone number's status, whether local, mobile, or international.

Dotcom-Monitor aims to maintain high standards for your communication needs, ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality phone connectivity.

Six Proactive Steps to Shield Your Business Number from the 'Spam Likely' Tag

To ensure your business phone number isn't mislabeled as "Spam Likely," consider the following strategies:

  1. Register with Data Analytics Providers: Enlist services like Free Caller Registry and Call Transparency for carrier recognition.

  2. Enroll in STIR/SHAKEN: Obtain Caller ID certification to authenticate your identity with carriers.

  3. Strategize Power Dialing: Use a conservative number of dialing lines for cold leads and rotate numbers regularly.

  4. Park Numbers: Temporarily rest your numbers to lower spam scores.

  5. Compliance: Adhere to all calling laws, regulations, and provider policies.

  6. Diversify Marketing: Employ a variety of lead generation tactics beyond calls and texts.

Switch to Phone2: A Solution for 'Spam Likely' Business Numbers with a Replacement Guarantee

A Solution for 'Spam Likely' Business Numbers with a Replacement Guarantee

Phone2 is a business phone provider that offers a solution for businesses facing the "Spam Likely" label issue. They suggest that if your current number has been flagged as spam, you can either purchase or transfer your number to their service. Phone2 provides an assurance that if the issue persists, they will replace the problematic number with a new one. This could be a beneficial service for businesses looking to maintain clear communication lines with their customers without the stigma associated with spam labeling. Full disclosure: the writers of this blog work at Phone2!



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