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Port Order Number (PON)

A  Port Order Number (PON) is a unique identifier used in the telecommunications industry during the process of porting a phone number from one service provider to another.

Number porting allows customers to retain their existing phone numbers when they switch to a new carrier. 

  • Unique Identifier: The PON is a unique code assigned to a number porting request. It helps in tracking and managing the porting process.

  • Porting Process: When a customer decides to switch carriers and keep their existing phone number, a porting request is initiated. The PON is generated as part of this request and is used by both the old and new carriers to coordinate the transfer.

  • Tracking and Coordination: The PON is used by both the losing (current) and gaining (new) service providers, as well as the number portability administrator, to track the progress of the port request and ensure that all necessary steps are completed.

  • Verification: The PON may be required for verification purposes if the customer or the carriers need to discuss the porting request with the number portability administrator or with each other.

  • Error Resolution: In case of any issues or delays in the porting process, the PON is used to identify the specific order and resolve the problems.

The Port Order Number is an essential component of the number porting process, ensuring an organized, trackable, and efficient transfer of phone numbers between service providers.

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