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Firm Order Commitment (FOC)

Firm Order Commitment (FOC) is a term commonly used in the telecommunications industry, particularly in the context of service provisioning and number porting.

It refers to a confirmation provided by a service provider to a customer or another service provider regarding the processing of a service request. 

  • Order Confirmation: FOC is essentially a commitment or confirmation from a telecommunications provider that a customer’s order for services (like new installations, service modifications, or number porting) has been processed and a specific date for completion has been scheduled.

  • Use in Number Porting: In the context of number portability (where customers can keep their phone numbers when switching carriers), FOC dates are crucial. The FOC date is when the current provider confirms that the number will be transferred to the new provider.

  • Service Transition: The FOC date is important for customers and service providers in planning the transition of services, ensuring minimal disruption.

  • Customer Communication: Customers are typically informed of the FOC date so they can be prepared for any service changes, installations, or potential service interruptions.

The FOC process is a critical component of customer service in the telecommunications industry, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the handling of service requests and modifications.

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