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EVS 911 call routing

EVS 911 call routing refers to a specialized system for routing emergency calls based on Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec technology.

EVS is primarily used in mobile communications to provide improved voice quality and more efficient use of network resources. 

  • Enhanced Voice Quality: EVS codec, designed for LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks, offers superior voice quality compared to previous technologies. This enhanced clarity can be crucial in emergency situations where clear communication is vital.

  • Efficient Use of Bandwidth: EVS is more efficient in terms of bandwidth usage, which is beneficial for congested mobile networks, especially during emergencies when network traffic can spike.

  • Improved Call Reliability: The advanced technology used in EVS can lead to improved reliability in voice call connections, reducing the likelihood of dropped calls during critical communications like 911 calls.

  • Compatibility with LTE Networks: As LTE networks continue to expand and replace older mobile technologies, the use of EVS for 911 call routing becomes increasingly relevant, offering a more robust and reliable platform for emergency communications.

  • Potential Integration with Next Generation 911 (NG911): EVS 911 call routing could be integrated with NG911 systems, which aim to modernize emergency services infrastructure by enabling multimedia communications.

While EVS 911 call routing is a more technical and specific aspect of emergency telecommunications, the core benefit lies in its potential to enhance the clarity and reliability of critical emergency communications.

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