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Biggest city:





Pacific (GMT -8)

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Major Cities:

Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova.


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Unemployment Rate:

Area code 916 is an important part of the telephone numbering plan in the United States, particularly in the state of California. Geographical Coverage: Area code 916 serves the Sacramento metropolitan area in Northern California. This includes the city of Sacramento (which is the state capital) and surrounding areas like Folsom, Citrus Heights, and Elk Grove. The area is known for its political significance, diverse communities, and growing suburban regions. Establishment and History: The 916 area code is one of the original area codes established in California in 1947. Over time, as the population grew and the demand for phone numbers increased, parts of the original 916 area were split to form new area codes. However, 916 has remained the primary area code for Sacramento and its immediate vicinity. Cultural and Economic Significance: The region covered by area code 916 has a rich history and plays a significant role in California's government and politics, being the state's capital. Economically, the area includes government institutions, educational institutions like California State University, Sacramento, and diverse industries ranging from healthcare to technology. In conclusion, area code 916 represents more than just a telecommunication designation; it encompasses the political heart of California and a rapidly growing metropolitan region. Its establishment and continued use reflect the evolving telecommunications needs of Sacramento and its surrounding communities, connecting a region that's key to the state's overall functioning and identity.
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