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Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Savannah, Hinesville, Statesboro, Brunswick, Waycross.


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Area code 912 is an important part of the telephone numbering plan in the United States, specifically in the state of Georgia. Geographical Coverage: Area code 912 serves the southeastern portion of Georgia. This includes cities like Savannah, Brunswick, Waycross, and Statesboro, as well as many smaller communities in the region. The area covered by 912 is known for its coastal landscapes, including beaches and marshlands, as well as its rich historical significance. Establishment and History: The 912 area code was created in 1954 as a split from the 404 area code. Over the years, as the state's population grew and the demand for telephone numbers increased, other parts of the original 912 area have been split into new area codes. However, 912 has remained the primary code for southeastern Georgia. Cultural and Economic Significance: The region served by area code 912 is rich in history and culture, particularly the city of Savannah, known for its well-preserved historic district and vibrant cultural scene. Economically, the area includes a mix of tourism, industry, and agriculture, with the Port of Savannah playing a significant role as one of the largest ports in the United States. In conclusion, area code 912 represents a diverse and historically rich region of Georgia. Its establishment and continued use reflect the growth and development of telecommunications in the southeastern part of the state, playing a vital role in connecting communities and supporting the region's economy and cultural heritage.
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