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Not Assigned

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Major Cities:

Kingston, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios


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Area code 876 is a key part of the telephone numbering plan for a specific region outside the United States. Geographical Coverage: Area code 876 is designated for Jamaica, an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. This area code covers the entire nation, encompassing both urban and rural areas. Jamaica is known for its rich culture, beautiful beaches, and as a popular tourist destination. International Dialing: As part of the international telephone numbering plan, calls to Jamaica from outside the region require dialing the international prefix, followed by the country code (1), and then the 876 area code. For example, dialing from the United States would start with 1-876, followed by the local seven-digit number. Cultural and Economic Significance: Jamaica, covered by area code 876, is renowned for its vibrant culture, which includes influential music genres like reggae and dancehall. The nation's economy is driven by sectors such as tourism, agriculture (particularly sugar and bananas), and mining (notably bauxite and alumina). In summary, area code 876 is crucial for telecommunication in Jamaica, connecting the island nation both domestically and internationally. It supports various aspects of Jamaica's economy and culture, playing an integral role in the nation's connectivity and communication infrastructure.
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