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Atlantic (GMT -4)

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Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean


Average Income:


4.5 %



Unemployment Rate:

Area code 869 is a significant part of the telephone numbering plan for a specific region outside of the United States. Geographical Coverage: Area code 869 is assigned to Saint Kitts and Nevis, a country in the West Indies. Located in the Leeward Islands chain of the Lesser Antilles, it's a dual-island nation known for its cloud-shrouded mountains and beaches. This area code covers both islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis. International Dialing: As part of the international telephone numbering plan, calls to Saint Kitts and Nevis from outside the region would require dialing the international prefix, followed by the country code (1), and then the 869 area code. For example, dialing from the United States would start with 1-869, followed by the local seven-digit number. Cultural and Economic Significance: Saint Kitts and Nevis, covered by area code 869, has a rich history and cultural heritage. It's known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, historical plantations, and vibrant cultural festivals. The economy of Saint Kitts and Nevis is heavily reliant on tourism, agriculture, and small manufacturing industries. In summary, area code 869 is crucial for telecommunication in Saint Kitts and Nevis, connecting the islands to each other and to the outside world. It plays a vital role in supporting the nation's economy, particularly in sectors like tourism, which require robust international communication.
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