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Biggest city:

Santo Domingo



Atlantic (GMT -4)

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Major Cities:

Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Pedro de Macorís

Santo Domingo

Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

Area code 829 is a significant component of the telephone numbering plan in the Dominican Republic. Geographical Coverage: Area code 829 covers the entire Dominican Republic. It is an overlay code, meaning it serves the same geographic area as other area codes in the country, specifically 809 and 849. This includes major cities like Santo Domingo, Santiago, and La Romana, as well as all other regions of the Dominican Republic. Introduction as an Overlay Code: The introduction of area code 829 in 2005 was a response to the increasing demand for telephone numbers in the Dominican Republic. As an overlay code, it was added to the existing area code (809) to provide a larger pool of numbers for cellular phones, landlines, and other telecommunication services. Impact on Dialing Patterns: With the implementation of area code 829, the Dominican Republic adopted a mandatory 10-digit dialing system for local calls. This means that even for local calls, the area code must be dialed along with the seven-digit telephone number. This change was necessary to accommodate the overlay system and ensure efficient number allocation and usage. In summary, area code 829 is a critical part of the telecommunication infrastructure in the Dominican Republic, accommodating the growing need for phone numbers in a rapidly expanding telecommunication market. Its implementation reflects the changing dynamics of communication needs in the country.
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