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Mountain (GMT -7)

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T2P 1M5

T3R 1J1

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Area code 825 is a significant part of the telephone numbering system in Canada, particularly in Alberta. Geographic Coverage: Area code 825 serves the province of Alberta, Canada. It operates as an overlay for the existing area codes 403, 587, and 780. This means that it covers a large and diverse region, including major cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and many rural areas throughout Alberta. Introduction as an Overlay Code: The area code 825 was introduced as an overlay in 2016. This was done to address the increasing demand for phone numbers in the region, a common issue in many growing urban areas. Overlay area codes allow for a greater number of telephone numbers without changing the existing numbers. Dialing Pattern Changes: With the introduction of the 825 area code, a 10-digit local dialing pattern became mandatory in Alberta. This means that callers must dial the area code followed by the seven-digit phone number for all local calls. This change was essential to accommodate the overlay system and ensure a seamless transition to the increased number of available phone numbers. In conclusion, area code 825 plays a vital role in Alberta's telecommunication infrastructure, reflecting the region's growth and the evolving needs for more telephone numbers. Its implementation as an overlay area code is a testament to the dynamic nature of telecommunication systems in response to urban expansion and technological advancements.
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