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area code

Biggest city:

Thunder Bay




Eastern (GMT -5)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes

P7A 1A1

P7C 7B6

Major Cities:

Thunder Bay (Ontario, Canada)

Thunder Bay

Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

Area code 807 is an important telephone area code in Canada, specifically serving the province of Ontario. Geographic Location and Coverage: Area code 807 serves northwestern Ontario. It covers larger cities and communities, including Atikokan, Dryden, Fort Frances, Kenora, and Thunder Bay. This area code is integral for telecommunications across these regions, connecting various communities within northwestern Ontario​​. Establishment Date: The area code was created in 1962 as a result of a split from area code 705. Its establishment reflects the growing need for phone numbers and better telecommunication management in the region. Since its implementation, area code 807 has been serving the residents and businesses of northwestern Ontario​​​​. Time Zone: Area code 807 is located in two time zones: the Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Central Standard Time (CST) zones, depending on the specific location within the area code. This dual time zone coverage is significant for the region's synchronization with standard timekeeping practices, particularly for communication and business operations​​. In summary, area code 807 is a key component of the telecommunication infrastructure in northwestern Ontario, Canada. Its establishment in 1962 and coverage of major cities and communities in the region highlight its importance. The area code's placement in both the Eastern and Central Time Zones adds an interesting aspect to its operational framework, accommodating the diverse geographical spread of the region it serves.
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