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Central (GMT -6)

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Major Cities:

Topeka, Lawrence, and Manhattan


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

Area code 785 is a crucial element of the telecommunications landscape in the United States, specifically serving a significant portion of Kansas. Established to address the growing need for phone numbers in the region, this area code has become integral to the connectivity of the area. Geographic Location and Service Area: Serving most of northern Kansas, area code 785 is essential for telephone services across various cities and communities in this part of the state. It encompasses a wide geographical area, ensuring robust telecommunication coverage in northern Kansas​​​​. Establishment and Origin: Implemented on April 24th, 1997, and put into service on July 20th, 1997, area code 785 originated from a split of the existing 913 area code. This change was a response to the increasing demand for new phone numbers in Kansas, highlighting the evolving telecommunication needs of the region​​​​. Major Cities Covered: The area code covers several key urban areas, with Topeka, the state capital, being the largest city within its jurisdiction. Other significant cities under area code 785 include Lawrence, Manhattan, Salina, Junction City, Ottawa, and Hays. These cities represent important cultural, educational, and economic hubs in northern Kansas​​. In conclusion, area code 785 serves as a vital communication link in Kansas, particularly in its northern region. Its establishment was a strategic move to address the growing telecommunication requirements of the state, and it now covers an array of major cities, playing a critical role in the region's connectivity and communication infrastructure.
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