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Mountain (GMT -7)

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T5A 0A1

T6W 1A1

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Area code 780 is a significant telephone area code in Canada, serving the province of Alberta. Here are some essential details about this area code: Geographic Coverage: The 780 area code is used primarily for the city of Edmonton and its surrounding areas in Alberta, Canada. It covers the southern part of Edmonton, along with Stony Plain and Fort Saskatchewan. Additionally, it overlaps with portions of the northernmost parts of Calgary's 403/587 coverage areas​​. History and Implementation: This area code was created in 1951 as a result of a split from the original 403 area code. Later, area code 780 was officially put into service on May 18, 1999, following another restructuring of area codes in Alberta. This restructuring was necessary to accommodate the growing demand for phone numbers in the province​​​​. Primary Cities Served: Besides Edmonton, area code 780 serves several other primary cities in Alberta, including Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park. These areas represent some of the most important urban and economic centers in the northern part of Alberta​​. Time Zone: The 780 area code is located in the Mountain Time Zone. This time zone is significant as it aligns with the standard timekeeping practices in western Canada, particularly in Alberta​​. In summary, area code 780 plays a crucial role in Alberta's telecommunications infrastructure, particularly serving Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Its establishment and subsequent service commencement reflect the evolving telecommunication needs in Alberta. The area code's coverage of key cities and alignment with the Mountain Time Zone are vital aspects of its operational framework.
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