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Area code 764 is not currently an active or valid area code in the North American Numbering Plan. Here are some key points about this area code: General Purpose Area Code: Area code 764 is officially planned as a General Purpose area code. Typically, such codes are assigned to a geographic area for telecommunication services. However, in the case of area code 764, it is not currently assigned to any specific location or in use​​. Invalid for Use: Currently, area code 764 is not in service and is not available for use. This means that any phone number starting with 764 is not a valid or officially recognized number in the North American Numbering Plan​​. Spam Warning: Due to its status as an unassigned area code, if you receive a phone call from a number with area code 764, it is likely to be a spam call. Phone numbers such as 764-xxx-xxx do not exist in the current phone numbering system​​. In summary, area code 764 is an example of an unassigned area code in the North American telephone numbering plan. It is not associated with any geographic area or in active use, and any calls purporting to be from this area code should be treated with caution as they are likely to be fraudulent.
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