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Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Columbus, Athens, Augusta, Hephzibah, Rome.


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Area code 762 is a key telephone area code in the state of Georgia, United States. Here are some important details about this area code: Geographical Location and Coverage: Area code 762 serves a vast area of Georgia, including regions in the northwestern, northeastern, eastern, and some parts of midwestern Georgia. It covers 111 cities, such as Augusta, Columbus, Rome, Dalton, Lagrange, and Calhoun, and extends over 49 counties including Richmond County, Muscogee County, Jackson County, Banks County, and Whitfield County. This wide coverage makes it an essential part of Georgia's telecommunications infrastructure​​​​. Largest Cities and Overlay with Area Code 706: The largest cities within the 762 area code include Columbus, Augusta, and Athens. It was established as an overlay for area code 706, which means it covers the same geographic area as area code 706. This overlay was implemented due to the near exhaustion of numbers in the 706 area code​​​​. Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time: Area code 762 is located in the Eastern Time Zone (ET). It observes Daylight Saving Time, which involves moving clocks forward by one hour during the warmer months of the year to extend evening daylight, and then back again in the autumn​​. In summary, area code 762 is a crucial component of Georgia's telephone system, providing service to a large and diverse area of the state. Its overlay with area code 706 addresses the demand for more phone numbers in the region, while its coverage of major cities like Columbus, Augusta, and Athens underscores its importance in Georgia's communication network.
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