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area code

Biggest city:

Los Angeles




Pacific (GMT -8)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes



Major Cities:

Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, Monrovia, San Fernando, Calabasas, Duarte, Agoura, Topanga, La Crescenta.

Los Angeles

Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 747 area code is an important part of California's telecommunication system, with several key aspects: Geographic Location and Service Area: The 747 area code serves the southern and western areas of the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles County in California. This includes major cities such as Los Angeles, San Fernando, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Burbank. The 747 area code is an overlay for area codes 213, 323, and 310, meaning it serves the same geographical area as these area codes​​. Time Zone and Major City Served: Area code 747 is located in the state of California and falls under the Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone. The largest city it serves is Los Angeles, which is a major cultural, economic, and entertainment hub in the United States​​. Implementation and Overlay with Area Code 818: The 747 area code was assigned on October 26th, 1999, and went into service on May 18th, 2009. It originated from the 818 area code through a split or overlay process. This indicates that area code 747 shares the same geographic region as area code 818. The dialing pattern for local calls within the same NPA (Numbering Plan Area) is 1+10 digits​​​​. In summary, the 747 area code is a vital component of California's communication network, especially in the Los Angeles County region. It encompasses several major cities and is part of an overlay plan with other area codes, demonstrating its significance in the region's telecommunications infrastructure.
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