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Biggest city:

Toms River



New Jersey

Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Toms River, Lakewood, Point Pleasant, Lakehurst, Seaside Park, New Brunswick, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, Carteret, Old Bridge, Woodbridge, Iselin, Colonia, South River, Fords Highland Park.

Toms River

Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 732 area code is an integral part of New Jersey's telecommunications network, serving the northern and central parts of the state and playing a crucial role in connecting its diverse communities. Serving Northern and Central New Jersey: The 732 area code was assigned on January 23, 1997, and went into service on June 1, 1997. It covers the southeastern half of the former 908 area code, along the Atlantic seaboard. This area includes Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties in Northern and Central New Jersey, and Monmouth and northern Ocean counties on the New Jersey Shore​​​​. Created Due to Service Growth: The creation of the 732 area code was necessitated by service growth in the 908 numbering plan area. The burgeoning demand for phone numbers in this region, driven by population growth and the proliferation of telecommunication services, led to the split of the 908 area code and the establishment of 732​​. Overlay with Area Code 848: The 848 area code was assigned to the same numbering plan area as 732 in 2001, creating an overlay complex for this region. This change was implemented after the pool of numbers in the 732 area code began to exhaust rapidly, reflecting the ongoing expansion and development of the area​​. In conclusion, the 732 area code, along with its overlay 848, represents a critical part of New Jersey's telecommunications infrastructure. It addresses the needs of a densely populated and economically vibrant region, ensuring continued connectivity and communication services across northern and central New Jersey, particularly along the Atlantic seaboard and the New Jersey Shore.
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