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Eastern (GMT -5)

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Beaver, Butler, Cranberry Township, Ellwood City, Greensburg, Hermitage, Imperial, Indiana, Kittanning, Latrobe, New Castle, North Huntingdon, Oakdale, Sharon, Uniontown, Washington, Waynesburg, Wexford.


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The 724 area code is an important part of Pennsylvania's telecommunications landscape, serving the western and southwestern parts of the state: Serving Western and Southwestern Pennsylvania: The 724 area code was assigned on September 23, 1997, and went into service on February 1, 1998. It covers a significant part of western and southwestern Pennsylvania, including most of the suburbs of Pittsburgh​​. Supporting a Diverse Suburban and Rural Population: The region served by the 724 area code is characterized by a mix of suburban communities near Pittsburgh and more rural areas further from the city. This diversity is reflected in the area's blend of residential neighborhoods, business districts, and agricultural lands. Overlay with Area Code 878: To address the increasing demand for phone numbers, the 878 area code was introduced as an overlay for the 724 area code. This overlay ensures that there are enough phone numbers to meet the needs of the growing population and expanding telecommunications services in the region. In conclusion, the 724 area code, along with its overlay 878, plays a crucial role in Pennsylvania's telecommunications infrastructure, supporting the connectivity needs of a diverse region encompassing both suburban and rural areas.
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