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area code

Biggest city:





Mountain (GMT -7)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes

T5A 0A1

T5A 0A2

Major Cities:

Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Medicine Hat.


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 587 area code is a key part of Alberta's telecommunications system in Canada, playing a crucial role in the connectivity of this economically significant region. An Overlay Area Code for Alberta: Introduced in 2008, the 587 area code serves as an overlay for the entire province of Alberta, complementing the existing 403 and 780 area codes. This includes major urban centers like Calgary and Edmonton, as well as all other parts of the province. The introduction of 587 was necessary to address the increasing demand for new phone numbers in Alberta, particularly with the growth in mobile phone usage and internet services. Supporting a Dynamic and Growing Economy: The region served by the 587 area code, along with 403 and 780, is known for its diverse and dynamic economy. Alberta is a hub for Canada's energy sector, particularly oil and gas, but also has strong agricultural, forestry, and tourism industries. The 587 area code supports the high volume of communication required by these industries and the growing population of Alberta. Adaptation to Technological and Demographic Changes: The implementation of the 587 area code as an overlay reflects Alberta's adaptation to rapid technological changes and increasing communication needs. This strategic move ensures a continuous supply of phone numbers for new residents and businesses, while maintaining existing numbers, indicating the region's ongoing development and capacity to adapt to changing telecommunications requirements. The 587 area code, in conjunction with the 403 and 780 area codes, symbolizes Alberta's adaptability, economic vitality, and the need to connect its vast and varied landscape, playing a critical role in the province's comprehensive communication network.
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