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Central (GMT -6)

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Major Cities:

southern and western suburbs of Chicago


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The 464 area code is designated for future use in the Joliet region of Illinois. Here are some key facts about it: Reserved for Future Growth in Joliet Area: The 464 area code is currently set aside for future use in the Joliet area, which is part of the Chicago metropolitan area in Illinois. As of my last update in April 2023, this area code had not yet been put into service. The decision to reserve an area code like 464 reflects anticipation of growing telecommunication needs in this region. Joliet's Expanding Telecommunications Needs: Joliet, as a significant urban center close to Chicago, has been experiencing growth and development, leading to an increased demand for phone numbers. The introduction of a new area code like 464 is a typical response to such demand, ensuring that there are enough phone numbers available for new businesses, residents, and services. Overlay Plan for Efficient Numbering: When activated, the 464 area code might be implemented as an overlay to the existing area code(s) in the region, such as 815 and 779, which currently serve Joliet and its surrounding areas. Overlay plans allow for the introduction of new area codes without changing existing phone numbers, thus minimizing disruption for residents and businesses. The future introduction of the 464 area code in Joliet will signify the region's ongoing growth and the evolving landscape of telecommunications in one of Illinois' key urban centers.
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