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Central (GMT -6)

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Major Cities:

Schererville, Chesterton, Lake Station, Lowell, Crown Point, Cedar Lake, Hobart, Whiting, Gary, Hammond, East Chicago, Merrillville, Munster, Griffith, Highland, Portage, Valparaiso, Michigan City, Ogden Dunes, St. John, La Porte, DeMotte, Roselawn, Kouts, Lake Village, and Rensselaer


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Unemployment Rate:

The 219 area code, located in northwest Indiana, has a rich history and continues to be an important part of the state's telecommunications network. Geographic Coverage: The 219 area code covers a significant portion of northwest Indiana, including cities like Gary, Hammond, South Bend, and Valparaiso. Its coverage area includes a mix of urban, suburban, and rural communities, connecting residents and businesses in this region. Historical Significance: The 219 area code has a deep historical connection to Indiana and has been in use since the inception of area codes in North America in 1947. It has played a crucial role in facilitating communication and supporting the economic and cultural activities of northwest Indiana. Numbering Resource Management: Over the years, the 219 area code has faced challenges related to numbering resource management due to population growth and increased telecommunications demand. To address this issue, authorities have implemented measures such as number conservation practices and the introduction of overlay area codes. In 2002, the overlay code 574 was introduced to supplement the 219 area code, ensuring an adequate supply of phone numbers while preserving the 219 area code's heritage. In conclusion, the 219 area code's extensive coverage, historical significance, and adaptation to changing telecommunications needs highlight its enduring importance in connecting the people, businesses, and communities of northwest Indiana. It rem
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