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Powerful political P2P Texting Platform 🇺🇸

Phone2 is an easy yet powerful P2P texting platform trusted by over 100+ campaigns and organizations to quickly engage any size audience via SMS and MMS. We make texting easy even at scale.

Price per SMS




$0.07 - 0.09



Phone2 is committed to a spam-free telecom ecosystem.

Engaging people shouldn't be so hard

As a purpose-driven leader, you know it’s getting harder to capture and keep people’s attention. It’s demoralizing to send emails and post to social media with little or no response.

That’s why we help the country's 
top campaigns use text messaging to get results—it works:

Unlimited 2-way SMS

Unlimited SMS / MMS to and from any US and Canadian numbers.

Keep all message, call history and voicemail data organized under a unified thread.

Made for:

Unified Inbox. Show all texts, call history, voicemails under a single contact view.

Share your number

Text as a team from a single shared inbox on one phone number. Pay as low as $120/year for a line with 5 users.

Unlimited Calls

Unlimited 2-way calling to/from any US and Canadian numbers.

Increase productivity by seeing who on your team called who.

Made for:


SMS Call Alerts

Send a text to a contact letting them know the reason for calling, before the call.

Increase answer rates by 25% by adding context before the call starts.

Made for:


Keep a separate a contact book in Phone2. Import contacts from your device or Google account.

Take notes and add properties under each contact, like a mini-CRM.

Made for:

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