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Next Generation 911 (NG 911)

Next Generation 911 (NG 911) refers to an initiative aimed at updating the 911 service infrastructure in the United States to improve public emergency communications services in a wireless mobile society.

This modernization involves transitioning from the current analog, voice-centric 911 system to a digital, IP-based system that allows for more data-driven emergency responses. 

  • Digital and IP-Based: NG 911 is built on an Internet Protocol (IP) network that enables digital information such as text messages, images, video, and data to be sent alongside voice calls to 911 services.

  • Text-to-911 Capability: One of the main features of NG 911 is the ability for individuals to send text messages to 911 in emergencies, which is particularly crucial for those who are hearing or speech impaired, or in situations where making a voice call is dangerous or not possible.

  • Improved Location Accuracy: NG 911 systems are designed to provide more accurate location information of callers, facilitating faster and more precise responses by emergency services.

  • Multimedia Communication: Beyond text, NG 911 allows the transmission of multimedia data, such as photos from accident scenes, videos, or medical data, which can significantly improve the response and preparedness of emergency services.

NG 911 represents a significant advancement in emergency response technology, offering the potential to save more lives, improve the safety of first responders, and use resources more efficiently.

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