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Mobile Terminated Messages (MT SMS)

Mobile Terminated Messages (MT SMS) refer to any type of text messages (SMS) or data sent to a mobile device.

In contrast to Mobile Originated (MO) messages, which are initiated by the mobile device, MT messages are sent to the mobile device from another source, such as another phone, a web application, or a service provider. 

  • Receipt by Mobile Device: MT SMS messages are received by the mobile device. These could be regular text messages from another user, notifications from an application, or automated messages from service providers.

  • Use in Various Services: MT SMS is commonly used for services like delivery notifications, banking alerts, one-time passwords (OTPs) for authentication, promotional messages, and other automated communications from businesses.

  • Network Routing: The mobile network routes these messages to the appropriate mobile device based on its current location and availability.

  • Billing and Charges: Typically, the sender of the MT SMS may incur charges, especially in cases of business or promotional messaging. However, for the recipient, receiving MT SMS is generally free of charge, although this can vary depending on the carrier and the user’s plan.

  • Reliability: MT SMS is considered a reliable form of communication, as it does not require an internet connection and can be delivered to basic mobile phones as well as smartphones.

Mobile Terminated Messages are an essential component of mobile communication, enabling a wide range of interactive services between users, businesses, and service providers.

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