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Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is a feature within Microsoft Teams that allows organizations to integrate their Teams environment with the telephony services provided by external telecom operators.

This integration facilitates making and receiving phone calls directly within the Teams platform. 

  • Collaboration with Telecom Operators: Operator Connect involves collaboration between Microsoft and participating telecom operators. These operators provide the direct routing and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) services necessary for call functionality within Teams.

  • Simplified Setup and Management: Unlike Direct Routing, which requires additional configuration and infrastructure (like a Session Border Controller), Operator Connect simplifies the process by allowing organizations to connect with telecom operators directly through the Teams admin center.

  • Selection of Operators: Organizations can choose from a list of Microsoft-approved operators in the Teams admin center. This allows them to work with telecom providers that best meet their geographic and service-level needs.

  • Integrated Calling Experience: Users can make and receive calls through the Teams interface, providing a seamless experience that integrates voice calls with other Teams functionalities like messaging, meetings, and collaboration tools.

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is an effective solution for businesses looking to integrate robust telephony capabilities into their Microsoft Teams environment, offering ease of use, reliability, and a seamless communication experience.

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