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Long Code

A Long Code in telecommunications refers to a standard 10-digit phone number, similar to what individuals use for personal landline or mobile phone services.

This is in contrast to short codes, which are shorter numbers typically used for mass texting services. 

  • Standard Phone Number Format: Long Codes follow the typical phone number format used in a particular country. In the U.S., for instance, a Long Code consists of a 3-digit area code followed by a 7-digit local number.

  • Use in Business Communications: Businesses often use Long Codes for two-way communication with customers, such as customer service interactions, appointment reminders, and one-on-one messaging.

  • SMS and MMS Capabilities: Long Codes are capable of sending and receiving SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages, making them versatile tools for various types of communication.

  • Local Presence: Having a Long Code allows businesses to maintain a local presence. Customers may be more likely to respond to a local number that appears more personalized and less commercial.

Long Codes offer businesses a cost-effective and flexible means of communicating with customers, providing a balance between personalization and functionality.

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