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Line Information Database (LIDB)

 The Line Information Database (LIDB) is a significant component in the North American telecommunications network. It is a centralized database that contains information about phone lines, including service-related details.

LIDBs are used by telecommunications providers for various purposes, including billing verification, call routing, and service features. 

  • Storage of Line Information: The LIDB stores important information about telephone lines, such as the service features enabled on the line, billing information, and whether the line is capable of accepting collect calls or third-party charges.

  • Verification for Billing: LIDB is frequently accessed for billing verification purposes. For example, when a collect call is made, the LIDB is checked to confirm whether the called party's line accepts charges for collect calls.

  • Caller ID Information: The database may include information used in providing caller ID services, indicating whether a particular line has subscribed to caller ID block.

  • Support for Advanced Services: LIDB supports various advanced telecommunication services, including toll-free (800/888) number services and calling card services, by storing relevant validation and billing information.

The Line Information Database plays a crucial role in the telecommunications infrastructure, facilitating efficient and accurate billing, enhancing service capabilities, and supporting the overall functionality of the telecom network.

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