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Call screening

Call screening is a feature often used in telecommunication systems to manage incoming calls effectively.

It allows individuals or organizations to filter incoming calls based on specific criteria before deciding whether to accept, reject, or redirect them. 

  • Caller Identification: Call screening typically involves identifying the caller before the call is answered. This can be done through caller ID, which displays the caller's phone number, and sometimes their name.

  • Blocking Unwanted Calls: One of the primary functions of call screening is to block unwanted calls, such as spam, telemarketing calls, or calls from specific numbers that the user wishes to avoid.

  • Automated Responses: Call screening systems can be set up to automatically handle certain types of calls, such as sending unknown numbers to voicemail or providing an automated message informing the caller that their call cannot be taken.

  • VIP Lists and Do Not Disturb Features: Users can create lists of VIP callers who are always allowed through, or they can activate "Do Not Disturb" modes that only allow calls from priority contacts.

  • Integration with Voicemail: Call screening is often integrated with voicemail systems, allowing callers to leave a message if their call is not answered directly.

Call screening is a valuable tool for managing personal and business communications, offering users control over their incoming calls and helping to reduce interruptions from unwanted or unsolicited calls.

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