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Biggest city:




New Jersey

Eastern (GMT -5)

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Zip codes



Major Cities:

Elizabeth, Plainfield, Union.


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

Area code 908 is an essential part of the telephone numbering plan in the United States, specifically in the state of New Jersey. Geographical Coverage: Area code 908 serves the north-central part of New Jersey. It covers portions of Union, Somerset, northern Hunterdon, western Middlesex, and southern Warren counties. Major cities and towns within this area code include Elizabeth, Plainfield, and Westfield. Establishment and History: The 908 area code was created in 1991 as a result of a split from the 201 area code. This split was necessitated by the growing demand for telephone numbers in the region, driven by the increase in population and the proliferation of cell phones and internet connections. Cultural and Economic Significance: The region served by area code 908 is known for its suburban communities, historical sites, and economic diversity. It includes a mix of residential areas, business centers, and industrial zones. The area is also in proximity to New York City, making it a part of the broader New York metropolitan area. In conclusion, area code 908 represents a significant and dynamic region of New Jersey. Its establishment was a response to the region's growth and changing telecommunications needs, playing a vital role in connecting communities and supporting the area's economy and cultural heritage.
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