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Biggest city:





Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, Escanaba.


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

Area code 906 is a significant part of the telephone numbering plan in the United States, specifically in the state of Michigan. Geographical Coverage: Area code 906 covers the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This includes cities and towns like Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, Escanaba, and Iron Mountain. The Upper Peninsula is known for its extensive forests, lakeshores, and a relatively sparse population. Establishment and History: The 906 area code was created in 1961, following a split from the 616 area code. This division was necessary to address the growing demand for telephone numbers in the region. Being the only area code for the Upper Peninsula, it encompasses a large but sparsely populated area. Cultural and Economic Significance: The region served by area code 906 is rich in natural beauty and is a popular destination for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and fishing. The area has a strong cultural identity, often referred to as "Yooper" culture, which reflects the unique history and lifestyle of the Upper Peninsula's residents. Economically, it is known for its mining, forestry, and tourism industries. In conclusion, area code 906 represents more than just a telecommunication identifier; it embodies the unique character and lifestyle of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Its establishment was a response to the region's telecommunications needs and continues to play a crucial role in connecting its communities.
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