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Biggest city:

Santo Domingo



Atlantic (GMT -4)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes



Major Cities:

Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Santiago, San Pedro de Macorís

Santo Domingo

Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

Area code 809 is notable for its usage and historical changes within the North American Numbering Plan. Usage in the Dominican Republic: Area code 809 is currently used for telephone numbers in the Dominican Republic, alongside overlay codes 829 and 849. The Dominican Republic employs a 10-digit phone number format, which includes the area code followed by a 7-digit phone number. This area code was once assigned to Bermuda and other Caribbean islands, but these areas have since been allocated their own codes. Notably, the 809 area code can also function as a "pay-per-call" number, similar to 900 numbers in the United States, but it is not governed by U.S. regulations for such numbers​​. Historical Splits and Reassignments: Originally, area code 809 covered most of the Caribbean when it was officially put into service on January 1, 1958. Over time, it underwent several splits to accommodate the growing demand for phone numbers in the region. In 1995, the first split created area code 441 for Bermuda. The following year, in 1996, area code 809 was split further into eight different area codes: 242, 246, 268, 345, 664, 758, 787, and 869​​. Location in the British Virgin Islands (the Bahamas): The 809 area code is also associated with the British Virgin Islands (the Bahamas). Similar to its use in the Dominican Republic, the 809 area code in this region can be utilized as a "pay-per-call" number, paralleling the function of 900 numbers in the U.S. However, as with the Dominican Republic, these numbers are not subject to U.S. pay-per-call regulations​​. In summary, area code 809 has a complex history, having originally served a broad region across the Caribbean. Its current primary usage is in the Dominican Republic, and it has unique characteristics, such as being able to function as a pay-per-call number. The area code's historical splits reflect the changing telecommunications landscape in the Caribbean over the decades.
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