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area code

Biggest city:




Nova Scotia

Atlantic (GMT -4)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes

B3J 1S9

B3K 5M3

Major Cities:

Halifax, Charlottetown, and Sydney


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

Geographic Coverage: Area code 782 is used in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, two provinces in Canada. This area code serves these regions by providing telephone services across various cities and communities within these provinces​​. Establishment as an Overlay Code: The 782 area code was created as an overlay for area code 902 and serves the same geographic area. It was officially put into service on November 30, 2014. An overlay area code is used in a region that already has another area code, allowing for a greater allocation of phone numbers within the same geographical area​​​​. Time Zone: Area code 782 falls within the Atlantic Time Zone. This time zone is significant for the regions it serves, aligning with the standard timekeeping practices in eastern parts of Canada, including Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island​​. In summary, area code 782 is a crucial component of the telecommunication infrastructure in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada. It was introduced as an overlay to area code 902 to accommodate the growing demand for phone numbers in these regions. Being in the Atlantic Time Zone, it aligns with the local timekeeping standards of these Canadian provinces.
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