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Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Worcester, New Bedford, Cape Cod


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Area code 774 is a significant telephone area code in the United States, particularly serving the state of Massachusetts. Here are some key aspects of this area code: Geographic Location and Service Area: Area code 774 serves the south-central and most of southeastern Massachusetts, including the Boston metropolitan area. It is designated as a General Purpose Code and overlaps with area code 508. This area code covers 109 cities such as Boston, Worcester, Brockton, New Bedford, and Fall River, and extends to 9 counties including Worcester County, Bristol County, Plymouth County, Barnstable County, and Middlesex County​​​​. Establishment and Overlay with Area Code 508: The 774 area code was assigned on May 3rd, 2000, and went into service on May 2nd, 2001. It was created as an overlay to area code 508, meaning it serves the same geographic region. This overlay allows for a larger pool of phone numbers in the region, accommodating the growing demand for new numbers​​. Time Zone and Dialing Pattern: Area code 774 is situated in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone. Like most areas in the United States, it observes Daylight Saving Time, which involves adjusting the clocks forward in spring and backward in autumn to extend evening daylight during the warmer months. The dialing pattern for local calls within the same NPA (Numbering Plan Area) in the 774 area code is 10 digits​​​​. In summary, area code 774 is an integral part of Massachusetts's telecommunications framework, encompassing a wide range of cities and counties, including the major urban center of Boston. Its overlay with area code 508, originating from area code 508, enables a broader range of telephone numbers to meet the needs of this populous and diverse region. The area code's adherence to Eastern Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time adjustments are also key aspects of its operation.
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