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Mountain (GMT -7)

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Major Cities:

Aurora, Thornton, Westminster, Commerce City, Northglenn, Brighton


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The 720 area code is a significant part of the telecommunications landscape in Colorado, USA. Geographical Coverage: The 720 area code is a telephone code within the North American Numbering Plan, specifically serving the north-central part of Colorado State. This area includes the Denver metropolitan area and its surrounding cities and towns such as Boulder, Aurora, Westminster, and Lakewood​​. Time Zone and Establishment Date: It falls under the Mountain Time Zone (MST), which is the standard time zone for the America/Denver region. The 720 area code was established and put into service on June 1, 1998. It was created as an overlay for the existing 303 area code, which had become overly populated and required additional numbering capacity​​. Extent of Coverage: In terms of its reach, the 720 area code covers a total of 26 cities and 9 counties in Colorado. Some of these include Denver, Aurora, Thornton, Arvada, Boulder, Denver County, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, Weld County, and Adams County. This extensive coverage indicates the area code's importance in the region's communication infrastructure​​. In conclusion, the 720 area code is a vital component of Colorado's communication network, providing essential telephone services to a large and diverse region. Its establishment in 1998 as an overlay to the 303 area code highlights the growing demand for telecommunications services in the area, and its coverage across numerous cities and counties underscores its significance in the daily lives of Coloradans.
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