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Biggest city:





Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Toledo, Mansfield, Lima, Sandusky, Bowling Green.


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Unemployment Rate:

The 419 area code, embedded in the fabric of northwestern Ohio, is more than just a set of digits. It represents a distinct geographic and cultural identity in this part of the United States. Northwestern Ohio's Lifeline: The 419 area code primarily serves northwestern Ohio, including major cities like Toledo, Lima, and Mansfield. This area code forms the communication backbone for a diverse region, encompassing bustling urban centers, serene rural landscapes, and everything in between. It's a vital link that connects different communities, facilitating business, social, and emergency communications across the region. A Rich Telecommunications History: The 419 area code was one of the original area codes established in 1947 under the North American Numbering Plan. Its establishment marked a significant milestone in the development of Ohio's telecommunications infrastructure, playing a crucial role in the region's growth and connectivity. Over the decades, the 419 area code has become a symbol of local heritage and pride. Adapting to Growth: As the population and demand for phone numbers grew, the 419 area code experienced number exhaustion. To address this, the 567 overlay area code was introduced in 2002, ensuring the continuation of reliable telephone services in the region. This change represents the area's adaptation to evolving technological needs and a growing population, maintaining seamless connectivity in the digital era. The 419 area code is a significant element of northwestern Ohio's identity, linking its varied communities and underpinning its communication network. As it adapts to new challenges and technologies, it continues to be an integral part of the region's social and economic fabric.
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