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Biggest city:





Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Gainesville, Spring Hill, and The Villages


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Unemployment Rate:

The 352 area code is a significant part of Florida's telecommunications system, serving the north-central part of the state. Establishment and Geographic Coverage: The 352 area code was created on December 3, 1995, as a split from the 904 area code. This division was implemented to meet the growing demand for new telephone numbers in the region. The 352 area code covers a large portion of north-central Florida, including cities like Gainesville (home to the University of Florida), Ocala, and Spring Hill, as well as many smaller communities. The region encompasses a mix of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes, catering to a diverse range of communication needs. Economic and Cultural Importance: The area served by the 352 area code has a diverse economy, with significant contributions from education, agriculture, tourism, and healthcare. Gainesville, as a major university town, plays a key role in the region's educational and cultural landscape. The area is also known for its natural beauty, including springs, lakes, and state parks, making it a popular destination for outdoor activities and tourism. Seven-Digit Dialing: Unlike many regions in the United States that have introduced overlay area codes and hence require ten-digit dialing, the 352 area code region continues to use seven-digit dialing for local calls. This means that calls within the 352 area code do not require the area code to be dialed for local communications, maintaining a simpler dialing process for residents and businesses in the area. These facts about the 352 area code highlight its role in supporting the telecommunications needs of north-central Florida. The area code facilitates efficient communication within a region known for its educational institutions, natural beauty, and economic diversity.
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