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How your voicemail for business can boost sales

Updated: Jun 21, 2023


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In today's fast-paced sales and support environments, it's impossible to answer every call. That's where an effective voicemail solution comes in handy. Phone2's voicemail feature is an indispensable tool for small businesses, helping them stay on top of their missed calls, bring to light and share urgent action items, and resolve issues or close deals faster.

Here are our observations reasons why Phone2's voicemail feature is so popular among customers:

Ease of use

It's easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, making it easy to catch up on missed calls without disrupting your day. With Phone2, voicemails appear in the chat section under the contact and can be played with just one click. Plus, you can set up email notifications for added peace of mind.

The days of dialing in to a voice mailbox or toggling between tabs are over. Just press play and move on with your productive day!

Customers still listen to voicemail

Voicemail is still (yes, still in 2023) an effective tool for salespeople to connect with potential customers because it allows them to leave a personalized message that can capture the customer's attention and trigger a call back. Voicemail messages can be crafted to provide valuable information, establish credibility, and create a sense of urgency. An email can't always do this.

By leaving a well-crafted voicemail message, salespeople can initiate a conversation with a potential customer who may not have answered their phone call or responded to an email. Voicemail provides a personal touch to the sales process and can help build rapport with the recipient.

And in today's async world, voicemail is a non-intrusive method of communication that allows the recipient to listen to the message at their convenience. Salespeople can take advantage of this by leaving a clear message that highlights the value proposition of their product or service and prompts a call back.

In addition, voicemail can be used as a follow-up tool to remind potential customers about an upcoming appointment or to provide additional information about a product or service. It can also be used to thank a customer for their business and encourage them to refer their friends and colleagues to the business.

Overall, voicemail is a valuable tool for salespeople to connect with potential customers, establish rapport, and initiate conversations that can lead to sales success.

Keeps Your Team Focused

It helps you focus on what matters most: your customers. Phone2's voicemail system can be customized with specific messages for different types of calls, helping you set clear expectations with customers and callers on when you'll connect with them. This makes it easier to provide a better customer experience, even when you're unable to connect with them live.

Integrates with your business tools

Because Phone2 is a cloud-based phone system without hardware, it offers seamless integration with the popular sales CRM systems: HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive (July 2023). Integrating Phone2 with these CRM systems offers several benefits to your sales teams, making their job more efficient and productive.

Firstly, integration with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive allows sales teams to manage their leads and customer interactions from a single platform. This means that sales representatives can access all the relevant information about a customer or prospect in one place. This includes past call and texting activity, call duration, notes, and other data (such as activity organized by member of your team)

Phone2's integration with CRM systems allows sales representatives to make and receive calls and voicemails directly from the CRM interface. This means that sales teams can track all customer interactions, including calls and voicemails, and analyze them to improve their sales strategies.

And the icing on the cake, these integrations allows sales teams to save time by automating manual tasks such as logging calls and voicemails. This means that sales representatives can focus on what they do best – selling, rather than on administrative tasks or data entry. Yick!

Finally, Phone2's integration with CRM systems allows sales teams to personalize their communication with prospects and customers. By having access to past communication, sales representatives can tailor their messaging to the customer's interests and needs. This personalization helps build rapport with the customer and improves the chances of a successful sale.

In summary, Phone2's integration with popular sales CRM systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive offers several benefits to sales teams. The integration allows sales teams to manage their leads and customer interactions from a single platform, automate manual tasks, personalize communication, and analyze customer interactions to improve their sales strategies.

Transcription for voicemail for business

Built-in transcription makes it simpler and faster to get the insights you need. Phone2's AI-powered voicemail transcription can transcribe a minute of audio in just nine seconds, making it easy to identify key information and share it with relevant team members. This helps your team gain a clear understanding of your customer's needs and refine your sales or support approach.

At Phone2, we believe that voice is an essential part for connecting with your customers. Our voicemail feature is hassle-free, helps your customers understand when you'll get back to them, and makes catching up on missed calls a quick and painless process - and it integrates with Hubspot (June 2023!). Contact us today to learn more about how Phone2's features can help you nurture happier customers and teams.



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