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Area code 811 is not a typical geographic area code but serves specific non-geographic functions in the United States and Canada: One Call Services for Excavation Safety in the U.S.: In the United States, 811 is designated as the national "call-before-you-dig" phone number. It's used for accessing One Call Services to protect pipelines and utilities from excavation damage. When someone plans to dig, they should call 811 or visit their state's 811 center's website to request marking the approximate location of buried utilities with paint or flags. This helps prevent accidental damage to underground utility lines during digging activities​​​​. Non-Urgent Health Teletriage Services in Canada: In Canada, area code 811 is used for non-urgent health teletriage services. This involves providing medical advice and information over the phone, allowing individuals to receive guidance on non-emergency health issues without needing to visit healthcare facilities in person​​. Special Applications and Non-Geographic Nature: Area code 811 is categorized under special applications and is non-geographic, meaning it does not pertain to a specific geographical area like traditional area codes. This categorization is essential for understanding the unique purpose and nationwide utility of the 811 code in both the United States and Canada​​. In summary, area code 811 serves crucial roles in public safety and health services across North America. It is utilized in the U.S. for excavation safety and in Canada for health teletriage services, illustrating its specialized and non-geographic nature.
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