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Eastern (GMT -5)

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Major Cities:

Newark, Pataskala, Johnstown, Hanover, Alexandria, Lancaster, Baltimore, Bremen, Millersport, Pleasantville, Amanda, Carroll, Sugar Grove, Rushville, Delaware.


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The 740 area code is a significant telecommunications region in the United States, specifically serving the state of Ohio. Here are some detailed insights into this area code: Geographic Location and Service Area: Area code 740 predominantly serves Ohio, encompassing a broad range of cities and counties. Notably, it covers 218 cities including Columbus, Newark, Dublin, Delaware, and Reynoldsburg, as well as 36 counties such as Licking County, Muskingum County, Fairfield County, Washington County, and Jefferson County​​​​. Implementation and Overlay with Area Code 220: The area code was assigned on September 11th, 1998, and became active on December 6th, 1997. It originated from the 614 area code, established through a split or overlay process. Area code 740 also shares its service area with area code 220, and follows a 10-digit dialing pattern for local calls within the same NPA (Numbering Plan Area)​​​​. Largest City Served and Time Zone: Newark stands as the largest city within the 740 area code's service area. The area code is situated in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone and observes Daylight Saving Time, which begins and ends at specified times each year​​. In summary, the 740 area code is a vital part of Ohio's communication infrastructure, providing telephone services to a vast and diverse region. Its overlay with area code 220 and the inclusion of major cities and counties make it a key player in Ohio's telecommunications landscape.
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