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area code

Biggest city:

Santa Ana




Pacific (GMT -8)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes



Major Cities:

Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana.

Santa Ana

Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

he 657 area code is an integral part of California's telecommunications landscape, serving a densely populated region in the state and playing a crucial role in connecting its communities. An Overlay in the Orange County Area: Introduced in 2008 as an overlay to the existing 714 area code, the 657 area code covers the same geographic area as 714, which includes most of Orange County. This includes cities like Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Huntington Beach. The introduction of 657 was a response to the increasing demand for new phone numbers in this urbanized and rapidly growing region. Supporting a Vibrant Urban Population: The region served by the 657/714 area code combination is known for its economic prosperity, cultural diversity, and tourism attractions, such as Disneyland in Anaheim. The area is a hub for business, with a strong presence in industries like technology, healthcare, and retail. The 657 area code supports the high volume of communication required by these communities and their varied activities. Adapting to Demographic and Technological Changes: The implementation of the 657 area code as an overlay to 714 reflects Orange County's adaptation to urban expansion, technological advancements, and demographic shifts. It ensures a continuous supply of phone numbers for new residents and businesses, signifying the region's ongoing development and its capacity to adapt to changing telecommunications needs. The 657 area code, in conjunction with the 714 area code, is more than just a set of digits; it's a symbol of Orange County's adaptability, diversity, and vibrancy, playing a critical role in connecting the area's densely populated communities and supporting its dynamic economy.
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