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Not Assigned



Not Assigned

Not Assigned

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Major Cities:

Not applicable (555 is not assigned for general use).

Not Assigned

Average Income:

Not Assigned


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The 555 area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) has a unique status and is often associated with fictional and specialized telephone numbers. Fictional and Specialized Use: The 555 area code is commonly recognized for its use in television shows, films, and other media as a prefix for fictional telephone numbers. This practice helps avoid the issue of real people receiving calls from viewers who dial numbers seen on screen. Typically, numbers starting with 555-01xx are reserved for fictional use. Limited Real-World Application: While widely used in popular culture for fictional purposes, the 555 area code does have some applications in real life. For instance, numbers in the range of 555-1212 are often used for directory assistance. However, apart from these specific uses, the 555 area code is not assigned for personal or business telephone lines. Recognizability in Media and Culture: Due to its frequent use in movies and TV shows, 555 has become one of the most recognizable area codes, even though it doesn't correspond to a geographic area. Its use in media is so prevalent that it has become a cultural shorthand for a phone number that is obviously fake. The 555 area code serves a unique purpose in the telecommunications landscape, primarily existing in the realm of fiction and specialized services, and is a notable example of how telecommunications intersects with media and popular culture.
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