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Biggest city:





Pacific (GMT -8)

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Zip codes



Major Cities:

Redding, Chico, Davis, Yuba City, South Lake Tahoe.


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 530 area code is an essential component of California's telecommunications network, serving the northeastern and some parts of central California, and playing a crucial role in the connectivity of this diverse region. Northeastern and Central California's Communication Network: Introduced in 1997 as a split from the 916 area code, the 530 area code covers a vast area in northeastern and parts of central California. This includes cities and regions like Redding, Chico, Davis, and parts of the Sierra Nevada. The area code is vital for linking various communities within this region, facilitating communication across a mix of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. Region of Diverse Landscapes and Economies: The area served by the 530 area code is known for its varied geography, including mountainous regions, agricultural valleys, and forested areas. This diversity extends to the economy, with the region encompassing higher education institutions like the University of California, Davis, agricultural activities, and outdoor tourism in areas like Lake Tahoe. The 530 area code supports the high volume of communication required by these diverse activities and communities. Adapting to Growth and Technological Changes: While the 530 area code has remained stable since its inception, the continuous growth in population and the proliferation of mobile devices and internet services may eventually lead to changes such as the introduction of new area codes or overlays. This potential evolution reflects the region's adaptation to changing communication needs and technological advancements, ensuring continued and efficient service for its residents and businesses. The 530 area code is more than just a telecommunications feature; it represents the unique blend of northeastern and central California's natural beauty, economic activities, and educational centers, playing a crucial role in connecting the region's diverse communities.
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