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Biggest city:

St. George




Mountain (GMT -7)

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Major Cities:

St. George, Logan, Park City, Moab, Price

St. George

Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 435 area code, encompassing a vast area of Utah, is a key component of the state's communication network, reflecting the diverse and expansive nature of this region. Utah's Extensive Coverage: The 435 area code serves the majority of Utah, excluding the metropolitan area of Salt Lake City. Introduced in 1997 as a split from the 801 area code, it covers a wide geographical area, including cities like St. George, Logan, and Park City, as well as many rural communities. This area code is vital for linking different parts of the state, supporting communication needs across urban, suburban, and rural areas. Diverse Landscape and Economy: The region served by the 435 area code is characterized by its varied landscape, from the Rocky Mountains to the red rock deserts. This diversity extends to the economy, with tourism, agriculture, mining, and education being key sectors. The area code facilitates essential communication for these industries and the residents of these areas, playing a crucial role in the state's economic and social fabric. Responding to Growth and Technological Changes: The introduction of the 435 area code was a response to Utah's growing population and the increasing demand for phone numbers, particularly with the rise of mobile phone usage and internet services. This change reflects the region's ability to adapt to its evolving telecommunication needs, ensuring continued connectivity across Utah's vast and varied landscapes. The 435 area code is more than a telecommunication feature; it's a symbol of Utah's vastness, its blend of natural beauty and economic diversity, and its commitment to connecting people across a wide and varied terrain.
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