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area code

Biggest city:




Central (GMT -6)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes

R3A 0E2

R3C 4G8

Major Cities:

Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach.


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 431 area code is a significant element in Manitoba's telecommunications framework, reflecting the diversity and expansiveness of this Canadian province. Manitoba's Expanding Communication Needs: Introduced in November 2012 as an overlay to the existing 204 area code, the 431 area code covers the entire province of Manitoba. This implementation was a strategic response to the increasing demand for phone numbers, driven by the province's steady population growth and the proliferation of mobile devices. Serving Urban and Rural Areas Alike: The dual 204/431 area code system serves Manitoba's varied landscape, from its capital city, Winnipeg, to remote northern communities. This region is characterized by its vibrant urban centers as well as vast rural and natural areas, including forests, lakes, and prairies. The area code facilitates essential communication across these diverse geographical and social landscapes. Adaptation to Technological Evolution: The introduction of the 431 area code reflects Manitoba's adaptation to technological changes and demographic trends. It ensures an adequate supply of phone numbers to meet the needs of residents and businesses, accommodating new technologies and services without disrupting existing numbers. This change underscores the province's commitment to maintaining a robust and modern telecommunications infrastructure. The 431 area code, encompassing all of Manitoba, is more than just a telecommunications feature. It symbolizes the province's blend of urban and rural communities, its capacity to adapt to changing technological landscapes, and its commitment to connecting people across vast and varied territories.
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