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Eastern (GMT -5)

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Orlando, Palm Bay, Alafaya, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Buenaventura Lakes, Four Corners, Horizon West, Kissimmee, Meadow Woods, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Ocoee, Cape Canaveral, Casselberry, Cocoa Beach, Longwood, Oak Ridge, Oviedo, Pine Hills, Sanford, St. Cloud, University Park


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The 321 area code is an integral part of Florida's telecommunication landscape, with its unique history and geographical coverage. Here are three key facts about this area code: Geographical Coverage: The 321 area code primarily serves Brevard County, the Space Coast Region, and Seminole County in Florida. Among the notable cities within its service area is Orlando, known for its theme parks and tourist attractions. Historical Significance: This area code was established on November 1, 1999. It was assigned to Florida following a successful petition led by local resident Robert Osband. The choice of "321" as the area code is symbolic, representing the countdown sequence "3-2-1" used in rocket launches, paying homage to the Space Coast’s impact on Brevard County, a region famous for its space-related activities and the Kennedy Space Center. Origin from Area Code 407: The 321 area code originated from the 407 area code, which previously covered a larger area. This change occurred through a process known as an area code split or overlay, a common practice in telecommunications to manage the growing demand for phone numbers. In conclusion, the 321 area code is not just a set of digits dialed for communication; it represents a rich history and a deep connection to Florida's Space Coast. Its establishment was driven by a community's pride in its space heritage, and today it continues to serve a significant portion of Florida, including the vibrant city of Orlando.
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