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Biggest city:




New York

Eastern (GMT -5)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes



Major Cities:

Syracuse, Utica, Watertown, Rome


Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 315 area code is a significant part of New York State's telecommunications system, serving the central and northern regions of the state. Historical Significance and Geographic Coverage: The 315 area code was one of the original area codes established in 1947 under the North American Numbering Plan. It covers a large area of central and northern New York, including cities such as Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown. The region encompasses a diverse landscape, from urban centers to rural areas, including parts of the Adirondack Mountains and the Finger Lakes. Economic and Cultural Importance: The area served by the 315 area code is known for its varied economy, including higher education, healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism. The region is home to several universities and colleges, contributing to its educational significance. Additionally, the area's rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and recreational opportunities, particularly in the Adirondacks and Finger Lakes, are integral to its identity and tourism appeal. Introduction of Overlay Area Code and Ten-Digit Dialing: To address the increasing demand for phone numbers, the 680 area code was introduced as an overlay for the 315 area code in 2017. This addition required the implementation of ten-digit dialing (area code + phone number) for all local calls within the region. This change marked a significant shift in dialing practices, reflecting the region's evolving telecommunications needs. These facts about the 315 area code highlight its crucial role in supporting the telecommunications needs of central and northern New York. By providing a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure, the 315 area code, along with its overlay 680, ensures efficient connectivity for a region known for its dynamic economy, educational institutions, and natural beauty.
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